Before you start exercising, it’s good to know that the fat on your back, the rollers and the sides are not easy to remove. It’s a different type of fat than on your stomach. How to get rid of back fat?

Fat from the back will disappear if we can reduce the overall body fat percentage. If you want to get rid of the roller on your back, you should do 20-30 minutes. cardio 2-3 times a week and switch to a healthy diet. Importantly, the training proposed below not only helps to get rid of the bothersome problem, but also reduces back pain (great for everyone working seated).

Exercises for armpit folds

To eliminate fat from the armpits and strengthen flabby muscles, you should perform exercises primarily activating the muscles of the chest and hands – shoulders and triceps.

  1. Staples

Lie on the training bench with the weight placed above your chest. Keep your arms slightly bent so that the dumbbells do not touch each other. Visit both hands to the sides for maximum extension of the cage. Then return to the starting position. In this exercise, you don’t have to put on a lot of weight to get rid of fat around your armpits. You can perform spreaders with a small load, but with a large repetition range.

  1. Pushups

You can do them narrowly – then the triceps will be more active, or broadly – the chest muscles will work harder. Each version of push-ups will be an exercise that works great on underarm rollers.

Feet spaced to the width of the hips, hands should be directly under the shoulders. Move down to the maximum range. The more you stretch the cage, the more you force your muscles to work. During this exercise, the chest is strongly activated and fat is burned well, because the whole body is engaged when doing push-ups. If you can’t do “male” pushups, you can rest your knees on a training mat (“women’s” pushups) or do pushups against the wall.

How to get rid of back fat?

Optical concealment of folds

Until the workout brings visible effects, you can try to visually mask the rollers with a few tricks. The most important thing: Your bra must be perfectly matched and match your shape perfectly. If you wear too tight, too small in circumference or with too small cups, you will not avoid the body rolling from the back and sides. If the bra is professionally fitted, the whole figure looks slimmer.

Second thing: fabrics. If you want to hide something a bit, wear tops and dresses made of flowing materials and with a looser cut (e.g. letter A). Flexible, tight clothing highlights all the shortcomings of the figure. Nothing will hide under them.

Diet for getting rid of fat

It is worth remembering that not only exercise has an impact on fat accumulation, but also diet. First of all, you should exclude saturated fats from your meals. Avoid products such as red meat, sausages, dairy products, processed foods and white sugar. Unfortunately, these products promote fat storage.

It is worth enriching your daily diet with products that affect fat burning: green tea, grapefruit, carrot juice and celery.

Start going to the pool

Swimming is a great physical activity that engages the whole body to work. It is not only healthy for our joints, but also perfectly shapes the figure. Thanks to the intensive work of the arms and back, you will strengthen your muscles giving them a slim shape. What’s more, the swimming pool is a great way to lose weight and lose weight. Thanks to this, you will lose unnecessary fat from the whole body, including your back.


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