Created 11 years ago, YouTube has created a new group of web creators who earn quite a lot of money from their activities thanks to cooperation with brands or advertising before their films. Youtubers earn an average of 1.5 thousand on one-time cooperation with the brand. to almost 30 thousand, although there are also cooperation valued much higher. How much money do YouTubers make?

According to Forbes, one of the most popular youtubers in the world is a young Swede known as PewDiePie (his real name is Felix Kjellberg). His phenomenon is that he plays computer games, and comments on the game in a sufficiently witty and intriguing way to gather 50 million subscribers to his channel. Apparently, she earns about $ 15 million every year. gross. However, even when deducting taxes, he still has a large sum to pay.

One of the top youtubers in the world is Roman Atwood, who three years ago could boast about $ 8 million in earnings. He earned a lot of money thanks to cooperation with the producer … Scott Toilet Paper. Atwood specializes in pranking.

Movie channels

Videos on YouTube appear on channels, which is to help recipients reach the content blocks they are interested in, not just individual videos. If someone subscribes to a given channel, they receive notifications of new videos by email or after logging in to the YouTube homepage.

The platform is especially attracting the new generation, because it offers rich and diverse content that you can access quickly whenever you want, on any device. Globally, over 60 percent of YouTube video views are from mobile devices. As he explains, channels that have over 10 thousand. views, can join the YouTube Partner Program and receive revenue from ads displayed on their videos. The program also provides access to additional YouTube tools, such as the ability to upload longer videos in HD quality or advanced changes in the appearance of the channel.

How much money do YouTubers make?

Commercial cooperation

Another way of earning money is the commercial cooperation of creators with brands. Due to the fact that products are located in films, companies have a chance to reach their target group in a natural and attractive way.

Is it worth becoming a YouTube?

Today, setting up a YouTube channel is really child’s play. The trick, however, is to get regular viewers and subscribers. Only few manage it.

Anyway, it’s worth taking into account that professional advertising agencies, or at least people who previously had experience in working in mainstream media, are often behind the success of individual channels.

The business itself related to running a YouTube channel is profitable, but it must be based properly on similar assumptions as any other profitable undertaking: on professionalism (the existence of the so-called patostreamers, we recognize the exception to the rule), finding an appropriate market niche, following trends and regular work . It also remains the most important, which is most often forgotten. YouTuber’s success can also be determined by his understanding of the platform algorithm’s operation.



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