You probably looked at jealous men and their beards of considerable size with envy. I am not surprised. Some specimens look as if they grew without any interference and took the perfect shape themselves. However, this is not true. How to trim a beard?

How to draw a beard line on the cheeks?

The cheek line is the border cutting off the upper part of the shaved cheek from the part of the face covered with facial hair. In this case, the most popular are three styles that you can choose for your beard. It is a natural, low or high line.

The natural chin line is the edge delineated by your body. Most often it has a fairly uneven character. Looks great on specific, lush beards when it’s halfway up the cheek. If it creates a fairly even line, you don’t have to worry about heating your cheeks. Beard trimming will be recommended only when it begins to look “let down”.

How to choose the shape of the chin to match the shape of the face?

Let’s start from the beginning. There are 7 basic face shapes: round, triangular, square, oval, oblong, diamond, and heart.

How to trim a beard?


  • for a triangular face (scratched chin, high forehead, scratched cheeks) fits a longer beard of equal length on the cheeks and in the middle and an epic beard; definitely give up goatee beard
  • for a square face (high forehead, pronounced jaw line) goats goatee shorter and longer or full beard
  • for a round face a goatee beard, a long beard with a central part and short hair on the sides are suitable, as well as an epic beard
  • the oblong (rectangular) face will look good with a delicate stubble and a high cheekline or dense version
  • diamond face (this is what Johnny Deep has, which is a well-defined chin and a slight narrowing in the upper part of the forehead) it looks much better even with a small beard on the chin, in this case you can grow a longer beard, but you can not contour it in the tip
  • the heart face (forehead and cheeks are wider than the jaw line) should be elongated, so a beard of equal length with a semicircular or pointed tip will work – shorter or longer version
  • in the case of an oval face, virtually any type of beard fits, we recommend a chin of equal length on the cheeks and elongated in the central line of the jaw

How to trim a chin on the neck and draw a line?

The neck line is the chin edge that limits its body at the bottom and side of the face. The visual border runs along the ears – from the height of the temples, to the jawbone, up to the neck. Choosing a neck line style to trim the chin is a little more complicated than the cheek line. You should consider the face shape, facial condition and individual preferences.

How to trim a beard?

  • Prepare a brush or comb, beard scissors and a trimmer.
  • Wash and dry your beard with a towel, then comb your hair thoroughly so that the hair can be separated and become more easily styled.
  • Review the look of your beard. Draw hair here and there to see the fullness of the shape. Do not worry about individual hairs, you will smooth them with balm. Focus on ugly tufts and rare fragments.
  • Trim a short beard or area up to 3 centimeters with a trimmer. This way you can cut your hair on the cheeks, the mustache and around the mouth. Trim long hair with beard scissors.
  • Comb your chin again and make the last corrections, if necessary. Finally, grab the razor and remove any hair that is out of the neck line.



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