The 7 Best Musical Instruments for Kids

Learning how to play musical instruments can have so many benefits for your kids. Learning how to sing, how to listen to music, and how to play music are all natural in this cycle called life. Music is about expressing yourself, communicating with others and also having fun. Learning how to play musical instruments can be such a rewarding experience and can help in developing your kid’s focus and self-esteem. He can also develop confidence in himself. Music can help your child grow as a person which is the best. Aside from having a lot of fun playing music, playing music can also help your kid’s brainpower.

The best kinds of musical instruments that kids can start playing depend on age and how long their fingers are. The most important part that we also have to consider is what they are interested in. We should never force our children to do something that they will not be passionate about. Here are seven of the best musical instruments to teach your kids and that there can be assured that they will have fun learning these instruments.

1.) Piano – Without a doubt, nothing beats the piano as the best instrument that a kid needs to learn. The piano’s keyboard looks like a staff and helps make learning the notes more natural. It also can be intuitive and can also help you understand the theory of music better. The piano is usually the first instrument that kids learn because it can be the basis of so much more music. It is also a good stepping stone for kids who want to learn more musical instruments. Learning how to play the piano is more of encouragement. Encouraging your kids can make them more into it.

2.) Violin – the violin, because of its small size can be enough for kids to handle. A violin can help a child play in tune. It is a very wise choice for kids. Though it is harder to learn than most of the instruments on this list if ever your child pushes through, he will be able to know complex harmonies. Learning the violin requires precision and harmony which can be complex especially for amateurs.

3.) Flute – the flute is one of the top instruments because it is so loved by kids. There are flutes of the small stature which is basically designed for beginners. Flutes are very easy to learn and are very portable. They can serve as good bridges if ever your kid decides to pursue the clarinet or even the oboe. They can even upgrade to a G-flute or a –flute which has closed holes in them.

4.) Maracas – it is probably the easiest musical instrument to use. Even a toddler can play a beat with maracas. Maracas help develop your kids motor. Your kids can become more active by playing the maracas. Also, you can also make maracas out everyday stuff at your home. You can put some dried beans in an unfilled water container and there you go, you have homemade maracas.

5.) Guitar – now this is the favorite and probably the best musical instrument out there. Even for adults, almost all them would prefer learning how to play the guitar. Beginners can choose between learning acoustic or electric but the suggestion is acoustic since it is easier before upgrading into electric guitar. There are guitars made for kids which have a shorter bridge than that of an adult’s guitar.

6.) Cello – playing this musical instrument is almost the same as that of a violin since you will be playing it while stroking the bow through the string. The difference is that the cello has a bigger instrument and you need to sit down for you to be able to play it. Though the cello is not as versatile as the others, hearing someone play the cello can be such a delight since you can listen to the beautiful sound coming from it.

7.) Clarinet – the clarinet is light and small which makes it a good fit for children since they have tiny hands. Kids can start from playing the flute before they start playing the clarinet. Kids can start from playing the flute before they start playing the clarinet because it can make the transition much easier. From the clarinet, they also upgrade to the Saxophone if they want.

Now here are the most suitable and the top musical instruments that a child can learn.

Mixing and Recording Of Music Explained

Recording studio or Best Mixing & Recording /sampling software

The recording is the process of capturing sounds through the use of microphones that are later stored and heard. Mixing is the process of recording all the different sounds that you have recorded and merged them into a complete song. You can either go to an established recording studio or hire them to help you with the best Mixing & Recording, or you can buy the equipment and software you need to record and mix them yourself.

Recording Studio

A recording studio is a place where all the necessary equipment is needed to record, mix and produce music. The prices vary a lot. It all depends on them and how much they are worth their time and equipment. So, please call ahead and get a quote before committing to anything. Since recording in the best mixing & recording studio depends on where you live, you need to search for a recording studio near you in a local directory.

Microphone / recorder

To record yourself, you need a kind of microphone with a computer interface or a recording device. A microphone requires some kind of cable that connects it to your computer, preferably via a USB interface. Some companies make small portable recorders that can either be battery powered or plugged in. They are also equipped with USB so you can transfer your best mixing & recordings to the computer. There are several models to choose from and most will be around $ 100.

Recording/mixing software

To do the best mixing & recording yourself, you need recording and mixing software. You need a recording program that saves your music files in wave and mp3 format or receives an additional program that can be converted to these file types. Whether you need to mix depends on the music style you want to record.

If you only record vocals and guitar, it’s likely that you probably will not need mixed-feature software but recording on separate tracks will give you a lot more freedom and the sound quality will be much better. It is possible to record a song without mixing on one track, but this is not recommended because the final mix is not that good.

Recording/mixing software plug-ins

A plug-in is a software that works only with another program and not alone. The Auto-Tune program is a popular plug-in that only works with a recording / mixing program like Cubase or Pro Tools. Auto-Tune is a pitch correction plug-in. It will change the note of the music so easy to reconcile it.

Cher’s song “Believe” was the first one to use it. It is mainly used for singing, but it can also be used for instruments. It is often used in electronic music and makes voices sound electronic in extreme settings. It can also be used more subtly in other genres to perfectly harmonize everything without sounding electronic.

Music Sampling & Music Samples

Music sampling software does not work without music samples and vice versa. Imagine that the Music Sampling program is a CD player and the music samples are the CDs. unless you have the ability to customize and shape the sound on the CD. Music examples increase the sound quality of your music enormously.

Instead of sounding like a cheap MIDI, a full orchestration sounds like a real symphony and the electronics sound like a professional DJ. Basically, sampling works by recording a live instrument, playing each note on every possible dynamic, each as a separate best mixing & recording. You save each shot and group it in a sample file.

The program then plays the best song and selects the correct notes and dynamics levels from the sample file. The result is a very best mixing & recording. In electronic sampling, they record a certain passage and make it so that they can play again and again without sounding choppy. They call these loops.

Music Sampling Software

Finale and Sibelius come with their own music sampling software programs and samples. Players and samples are both very simple but are included with the program for free. There are other programs that you can use as a plug-in if you do not like the samples that come with the notation program. Kontakt is an excellent program for the best mixing and recording-playing samples and loops.

It is mainly used for playing orchestral music. It also has the ability to produce reverb and other effects. It can be played alone or as a plug-in for Finale or Sibelius and can play a wide variety of samples in various formats, including Giga Studio files (an old sampling program that is no longer being made). The more samples you load into the program, the more memory, and processing speed you’ll need.


Once you have a recording of your music, you can hire someone to transcribe it for you if you do not already have it in grade format. What this means is that someone will listen to your song and do the best mixing & recording of it as well as making notes for you.

How to Choose Music Instrument Accessories

Music is a great way to spend quality time with loved ones or even alone. Whatever type of musical instrument you have at your home, investing in the right accessories can enhance your music skills. Here are some instrument accessories that you should invest in.

Guitar Picks

Does your finger hurt when strumming the guitar? You need a high-quality pick. Picks are made from different types of materials namely wood, nylon, metal, shell, and celluloid. Picks are also available in various shapes such as raindrop, flat, and triangular. The best shape depends on the size of your thumb. It’s essential to personally try on the pick before you buy it to ensure that it’s comfortable to use.

Professional guitarists choose the celluloid pick as the best option. It is available in thin and soft and heavy and hard. You can also find a product that is somewhere in between those two types.

Keyboard Bench

One way of taking care of your keyboard is to invest in a quality keyboard bench. Choose a product that is padded for added support for your piano keyboard. It’s also essential that the product is adjustable according to the user’s height. A great keyboard bench is preferably made of stainless steel. Yamaha is a great brand but you can also find other equally good products at a better price range. Auxiliary Audio Cable

The auxiliary audio cable enables you to connect your musical instrument with different devices. When shopping for this product, choose one that is made from nylon. Cable is usually heavily used and choosing nylon-made cables is a smart decision.

Another feature to look for in your new audio cable is compatible with all types of devices. You want to connect it to a computer, laptop, and phone without issues. In this way, you can listen to good music even in your car.

Guitar Pedal

Guitar pedals are also known as a stomp box. Why do you need them? They allow you to alter the sound of your guitar by just stepping on the pedal. This is especially useful for jamming sessions. What to look for in a guitar pedal? A pedal for your guitar should enable you to create different sounds. It should let you increase the volume, produce special effect sounds, and different expressions.

Microphone Stand

A music jamming session with your friends is not complete without a microphone stand. When shopping for one, the most important factor to look at is the stand’s compatibility with all types of microphones such as the ones that are used for conference rooms, studios, and performance stages. Ideally, it should also be portable and lightweight. In this way, it is easy for the users to transfer it from one place to another.

Guitar Capo

This accessory is necessary for musicians with advanced guitar skills. The role of this accessory is to shorten or raise the pitch of the guitar. When choosing a capo, it’s essential that it’s compatible with 6-string guitars so you can use it with other string instruments. Spring-loaded capos are the best for on-stage performances so you can quickly change position while performing.

How to choose the best music instrument

The answer depends on what particular music instrument you have. It also depends on your budget and purpose. There are thousands of available options and you’ll never run out of products to choose.


Price often indicates the product’s quality although this is not true at all times. Brand is also an indicator. If you want to ensure that you are getting the highest quality accessory, read customer reviews and see what other people say about the product.


Where do you intend to purchase your music instrument accessories? If you’re getting it online then you still have a chance to try on the product. Choose online sellers that offer warranty or return. Don’t worry though because these musical instruments are really worthy of your investment.


As mentioned all throughout this article, compatibility is critical. You don’t want to invest in a product that is not compatible with your instrument. The easiest way to find out is to check the product description. Most of the time, manufacturers would specify what particular instruments the accessories are made for.


Music instrument accessories are a great investment. Even if you’re a beginner, you can gradually buy one accessory at a time until you have a complete collection of accessories. It will help develop your music skills and you’ll be able to produce impressive music.